Commercial Vehicle

  Coolex offers a full cooling system parts maintenance  for commercial vehicles of all types.

Renowned for quality aluminium repairs

Our aluminium fuel tank repairs are renowned in all of the local counties, with the majority of the main truck dealers and small, medium and large commercial vehicle repairers. We have specialist repair systems in place for aluminium radiators and intercoolers.

Fast service

We offer a 72 hour reconditioning service of all types of water pumps, both vehicle and ancillary applications. We are a prolific supplier of coach and PSV heaters and demisters and in some cases manufacture brand new replacement parts at competitive prices. We will at our customers request, ensure that replacement parts are held on stock for their fleet to minimise down time wherever possible.

First choice

We are the first choice supplier of many local authority transport departments for the supply of our products. We offer a full engineers test and written report for presentation to manufacturers, insurance companies, ect for proof of defect or not as the case may be.

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