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Old & New Technology for motor cooling products and ancillary items.

Coolex is one of the few remaining specialist motor cooling companies in the country offering an off the shelf  or  bespoke made cooling product be it an oil cooler for a 1970's classic car or a header tank for a modern rally car. We possess the traditional skills that enable us to service a Rolls Royce honeycomb radiator or the Morris Bull-nosed radiator and also build copper and brass products  from scratch for any project as shown here  on the MG sports car. We  have over many years embraced the new technology and equipment required for aluminium and stainless steel projects. We manufacture and repair, all types of radiator,oil coolers, header tanks, fuel tanks and many other associated products.

Vintage Veteran & Classic

With many vintage veteran and classic radiators the choice is available to have the original style  Honeycomb core or  Cellular film core refitted or a  higher efficiency replacement GOT core or Packed construction core using the Cellular film replacement system, that usually works out more economical. Many now  redundant items such as radiators with overhanging top tanks and the bucket style top tank are all recreated in our workshops. Related pages: Completed projects

classic car radiators

We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of classic car radiators that are being sent to us for new cores to be soldered into them. With recores we can replace the core like for like or we can replace the existing style core with a high efficiency modern GOT core or Packed construction core and in many instances can offer a  core that is deeper and has an improved fin to increase the radiator performance, whilst maintaining the appearance of the original radiator. Related pages: Recore example pages

Manufactured Replacements

We are manufacturing a range of brand new Fiesta and Escort turbo radiators that are no longer supported by Ford or the aftermarket manufacturers. We have manufactured a range of Lotus Elan radiators in TIG welded aluminium and copper / brass cores, some with extra rows of tubes and modified fins.
  • Racing, Rallying, Karting, Hill climbing, Dragsters, Stock cars, etc. have been prepared by us over many decades.
  • Our aluminium Lotus Elan radiator was fitted to the 2011 HSCC outright season winner Paul Tooms ( The Tooms Raider) and we are continuing with his new project in the 2112 season.
  • We currently look after a racing car stables who gives us vintage racing car radiators for single seater, front engine cars such as:  Frazer Nash, Cooper, Parnell etc.
  • We Have supplied and modified radiators for the Saab rally team.
  • We prepared the late Barry Sheen’s racing truck radiator that he drove back in the 1980's.
  • We built an oil cooler for the local hill climb champion of 2010,
  • We have built bespoke aluminium radiator for formula 3 cars and prepared radiators for numerous racing cars, stock cars and dragsters.
Related pages: Completed projects

Planes & Boats

We make lightweight radiators, oil coolers heaters and header tanks for permit aircraft and gyrocopters. We have  manufactured and supplied engine marination parts for boats and pleasure craft. Related pages: Completed projects


We have recently built small heat exchangers to cool the boards and processor chips of computers. The strangest radiator / heat exchanger that we manufactured was for an intensive care hospital bed. The bed resembled a large old Victorian bath manufactured in fibreglass. The structure was filled with polystyrene balls with a cloth mattress on top of them. Air was fed up through the balls and mattress  to stop bed sours on patients that could not be regularly turned. Unfortunately if the bed was in a sunny area of the ward, the patients ended up bathed in hot air and oven cooked. We took measurements and produced a slim copper and brass chiller unit. Our heat exchanger went into the air intake of the bed and was fed with chilled water, alleviating the problems that had been encountered. Related pages: Completed projects

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