Racing completed projects

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Racing Lotus Elan

We have for many years supplied a full width all aluminium series 3 radiator for owners of road going Elan series 3 and 4 cars. When the rules of the Historic Sports Car Club required road going cars used for racing not to be fitted with the 26R type crossflow radiator our unit became the best racing option. Painted black it bore the resemblance of the road going radiator but outstripped the series 3 and 4 radiator basic radiator in cooling performance.
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Fraser Nash front engined racing car

A local vintage racing car stable sent us an old Fraser Nash single seater racing car radiator. He requested that we recreated the copper and brass existing radiator in TIG welded aluminium for a weight reduction and efficiency gain. This we agreed to do and the following is the method we adopted.
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University Of Glasgow Project

We were approached by the University of Glasgow who were in an advanced stage of entering the Institute Of Mechanical Engineers Race car manufacturing and racing Project. The Group gave us their calculations for water heat loss and asked that we prove them and make any suggestions to improve the system. We tested their calculus and recommended various additions and alterations to the system. We were invited to become a Bronze sponsor which we happily accepted .
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Racing Truck

Racing Truck Case Study

In the mid 1980’s we were approached by Sherwood Daf Trucks who told us of the overheating problem that they were experiencing with their Daf 2100 racing Truck. The vehicle was being driven for them by the legendary Barry Sheene. This vehicle would run ok in standard track use, but Barry would slipstream the vehicle in front him, sitting 2 metres off the back that vehicle. If he remained in that position for more than 2 minutes, the temperature would start to rise into the danger area for the truck engine.
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