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(put your cursor on the motor vehicles tab above for more information) We cover a vast spectrum of recores, from Copper and Brass Vintage Radiators through to lightweight  Aluminium Oil Coolers, from the humble family car of the last century to high Performance and Race Cars of all eras. Below we list a range of available core patterns and sizes, running from the early Honeycomb and Cellular Film cores popular during the early part of the 20th century, through the  gill on tube cores that became popular from the 1940's  to the 1970's up to the packed construction and now the low height packed construction of today.
Square flared diamond core

Veteran & Vintage Honeycomb Cores

We have available a very wide range of tubular honeycomb cores. All these are made of individual tubes soldered together to produce the two types of complete honeycomb cores. We have available a very wide range of tubulare honeycomb cores all of these are made of individula tubes soldered togethe to produce the two types of complete honeycomb cores.
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Vintage and Classic Cellular Film Cores

These cores are all made of strip material corrugated into the various patterns shown. The corrugations produce an extended air surface for efficient cooling water flows between two ajacent strips placed back to back. The complete core looks like a honeycomb, but is generally more efficient. There were many quite distinctive patterns made by different manufacturers.
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Film Core Relacement System

Replacement cellular film cores are still available but the complex and time consuming manufacturing process makes them very expensive with today high labour and material costs. The system below shows how a more modern higher efficiency core can be fitted to the unit whilst maintaining most of the depth of the original.
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Gill On Tube Cores

This core became popular during the late 1920's and remained so up until the late 1950's when it started to be replace with the first od the packed construction cores.
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Packed Construction

Listed here are the 3 main types of packed construction cores available. since there inception in the late 1950's the cooling efficiency has risen dramatically to the super cooling low height versions of today.
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Heavy Duty Commercial Bolt up & Solder up Cores

These cores are very robust and designed to be fitted to earth movers, diggers, graders, generators, etc where vibration and stress is experienced. The materials are normally thicker and the construction is beefed up to cope.
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