Vintage and Classic Cellular Film Cores

This type of core is made of strip material, corrugated into the various patterns as shown. The corrugations produce an extended air surface for efficient cooling. Water flows between two adjacent strips placed back to back. The completed core looks like a honeycomb core, but is generally more efficient. There were many quite distinctive patterns made by different Manufacturers. We currently have 11 types available which cover most needs.These cores are available, flat, curved or Vee’d but not sloping. They can also be made profiled when necessary. The materials used to manufacture the cores are: 70/30 brass or H.C. (high conductivity) copper, solder dipped on the faces and ends in 50/50 tin / Lead solder.

Pictured below are types of Cellular Film Ribbon cores

Gilled tubes and Withnell tubes

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 Click Arrow in box to see a ribbon film core being made.

Click Arrow in box to see a ribbon film core being fitted to radiator.


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