Classic Vintage & Veteran Radiators Completed Projects

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Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

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We have placed a few samples of our workmanship here below for you to view but these are being added to weekly so please bookmark this page and come back and visit again soon.

Vintage and Veteran Radiators

With many  vintage and veteran radiators the choice is available to have the original style Honeycomb core or Cellular film core refitted or a higher efficiency replacement GOT core or Packed construction core using the Cellular film replacement system, that usually works out more economical. Many now redundant items such as radiators with overhanging top tanks and the bucket style top tank are all recreated in our workshops.

Classic car radiators

We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of classic car radiators that are being sent to us for new cores to be soldered into them. We can upgrade the existing style core with a high efficiency modern GOT core or Packed construction core and in many instances we can offer a core that is deeper and has improved fin to increase the radiator performance, whilst maintaining the aesthetics and appearance of the original radiator.

1910 Renault AX Radiator

Pictured is a Renault AX appearing in the Downton Abbey Television series. We were brought a 1910 Veteran Citroen AX radiator by a couple from West Sussex who informed us that their radiator was internally blocked and had some coolant leaks. They asked that we clean out the inside of the radiator and repair the external leaks, but requested that we did so with the minimum of external cleaning.
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Radiator For Riley Sports Car

Following a telephone conversation with a vintage sports car owner from Surrey we received a drawing, a radiator mounting frame and his cars existing radiator. The vehicle was a very nice 1935 Riley sports car which at some time in its past had the original radiator changed for a nineteen fifties Morris JU250 van radiator.
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Custom Made Lotus Elan Radiators

There were three types of radiator fitted to the early Lotus Elan Models, The Series 1 and 2 model radiator shown here was popularly referred to as the Marston radiator and was a large, heavy copper and brass unit that was mainly supported by two threaded studs on the underside of the radiator.
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Marlin Kitcar Modified Radiator

We were presented with a radiator for a Merlin Kitcar that had been fitted with a Granada 2.8 engine.  We recognised the radiator to be from a Ford Capri 2.0. Our client was complaining of overheating and asked if we could increase the height of the radiator. He said that there was space for another 50mm in height. We measured the radiator on his vehicle and found that we could also squeeze a 3 row core into the existing tanks and sides whilst still clearing the water pump pulley.
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