It all started in the pub one Friday night . talking about cars . motorsport and driving fast and  then somehow  Bonneville found it’s way into the conversation and I was hooked 

It was always going to be a classic Jaguar , but the iconic v12 engine wasn’t going to be up to the job ,I needed something bigger with a lot more torque 

I knew jaguar had built a prototype quad cam v12 back in the late 50s for racing ,and I needed one . but a bigger one , I decided to build one from scratch 

The aim is to take Alfred to the Salt Flats a have an attempt at the world landspeed record.

Really cool people 

Because we will be running in a warmer climates and for longer periods

A new larger radiator is required , we contacted Coolex Heat Transfer for advice, These guys really know how to be cool 

Following lots of discussions . emails and two on site visits to design and calculate exact dimensions , coolant capacity and flow rates

Coolex have built Alfred a very special and unique aluminium radiator .complete with a capacity matched header expansion tank

special thanks to their skilled welders for their talents

we are proud and excited to have Coolex on board

look out for their logo on Alfred