We offer cleaning, repairing and replacing services for all types of industrial heat exchangers, across a wide range of industries.

We have for many years offered a cleaning, repairing and replacing service for all types of industrial heat exchangers. We offer a fast, efficient and competitively priced service.

We conduct quality testing to ensure only the highest standards are met

All items that pass through our workshop are flow tested and pressure tested by either air, underwater or hydraulic pump.

An engineers report is available for insurance purposes etc. for a modest administration fee charge.

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Discover our range of specialist services for industrial applications

marine engine cooling


Units can be chemically or ultrasonically cleaned. The inside of the water boxes are cleaned and a protective coating is applied. New anodes can be fitted if required. Coolers are then re-built complete with new gaskets, and pressure tested. Independent inspection and witnessing of testing can also be arranged.

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aluminium coolers

Aluminium Heat Coolers & Exchangers

Aluminium Heat Exchangers

More and more aluminium is appearing in the heat transmission market in the shape of charge air aftercoolers, chiller batteries, water radiators, and a host of different types of oil cooler. We have invested in the new technology required to TIG and MIG these items when repairing, reconditioning or manufacturing them.

Aluminium Coolers

An increasing number of compressors are fitted with coolers constructed using aluminium. They are used as aftercoolers, oil coolers, water coolers and chillers. We offer a full repair service on these units and can supply new units when required.

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compressed air cooling products

Compressed Air Cooling

There are many variations and types of coolers in this sphere, ranging from oil coolers, intercooler and aftercoolers with bolted or braised on header tanks. On these, we offer our usual services of cleaning, repairing and renewal. Many new compressed air coolers are now made of TIG-welded aluminium and we have invested in the technology be able to offer our usual services on this product.

– Chemical cleaning & repair
– Re-tube / complete recondition
– Manufacture of new units
– Units constructed in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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plate exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers

More of these coolers are appearing in the market place and are replacing the traditional style coolers. We offer a chemical clean, flow and pressure test on this unit. We also offer a major repair on this item that entails a full strip down, clean and crack test the plates, fit new sealing gaskets, replace any defective plates, reassemble, flow and pressure test.

– Chemical & Ultrasonic Cleaning
– Regasketing
– Rebuilding
– Pressure Testing

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Complete new units can be manufactured if necessary in carbon steel, or stainless steel header plates with Integron extended surface, Royles dimple or plain tubes in copper, stainless or mild steel.

Units can be re-manufactured or re-tubed utilising:
– Copper tubes
– Extended surface tiles
– Royles Type
– All hydraulically tested and certified calibrated gauges.

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heat exchanger

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Units can be fully restored using new baffle plates and tubes. New shells can be manufactured where necessary to any required standard of material.

We have invested heavily in cleaning machinery to clean out blocked tubes and shells restoring the efficiency of the unit.

Units can be totally rebuilt using new tube plates and replacing all tubes and baffles.

Applications for units include:

– Process heating and cooking
– Marine machinery systems cooling
– Gearing and main engine lube oil coolers
– Condensers, chillers and drain coolers
– Pre-heaters

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heater batteries

Heater Batteries, Space Heaters, Chiller Batteries & Air Conditioning Coils

We offer a complete repair, re manufacture and new build service on steam, low pressure hot water, high pressure hot water, chilled water, refrigerant, oil and gas.
We manufacture in ferrous and non ferrous materials and weld, braise or expand joint the units during construction.
We offer a tube sleeving service and replace return bends that alleviate the loss of circuits that occurs when a tube is blocked off.

They are manufactured / re-manufactured to incorporate:
– Ferrous and non-ferrous materials
– Re-manufacture to the existing pattern
– Repairs & Chemical Cleaning
– Complete service for repair and measurement of old units to manufacture replacements.

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How we work with you

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Trusted Services

We offer a full engineers test and a written report for presentation to manufacturers, insurance companies, etc for proof of the defect or not as the case may be.

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Efficient process

We offer a 72 hour reconditioning service of all types of water pumps, both vehicle and ancillary applications.

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quality Repairs

Our aluminium fuel tank repairs are renowned in all of the local counties, with the majority of the main truck dealers and small, medium and large commercial vehicle repairers. We have specialist repair systems in place for aluminium radiators and intercoolers.

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