Coolex is one of the few remaining specialist motor cooling companies in the country.

We offer an off the shelf or bespoke made cooling product be it an oil cooler for a 1970’s classic car or a header tank for a modern rally car.

We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of classic car radiators that are being sent to us for new cores to be soldered into them. With recores we can replace the core like for like or we can replace the existing style core with a high efficiency modern GOT core or Packed construction core and in many instances can offer a core that is deeper and has an improved fin to increase the radiator performance, whilst maintaining the appearance of the original radiator.


All our products are thoroughly quality tested

All items that pass through our workshop are flow tested and pressure test by either air under water or hydraulic pump.

An engineers report is available for insurance purposes etc. for a modest administration fee charge.

Coolex heat exchange and car radiator experts

How we work with you


Trusted Services

We offer a full engineers test and a written report for presentation to manufacturers, insurance companies, etc for proof of the defect or not as the case may be.


Efficient process

We offer a 72 hour reconditioning service of all types of water pumps, both vehicle and ancillary applications.


quality Repairs

Our aluminium fuel tank repairs are renowned in all of the local counties, with the majority of the main truck dealers and small, medium and large commercial vehicle repairers. We have specialist repair systems in place for aluminium radiators and intercoolers.

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