Services for radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers, aftercoolers, heat exchangers and various MIG / TIG ancillary welding operations.

The machines we service range from heavy rock / earth movers, cranes, locomotives and generating set applications, fitted to oil rigs and hospital back up power generating units.

Minimise downtime by using coolex

In most of these cases down time is critical and we work to minimise the time off line.

We offer a repair system, recore service or replacement unit for most of the new combi style cooling packs that have a combination of radiator, oil cooler intercooler and some times air-conditioning condenser incorporated.

We have replaced many aluminium cores fitted to oil coolers that cool hydraulic crushers and crane winches.

We re-solder the tube plates, clean, degrease, flow and pressure test many types of the water to oil tube bundle coolers.

We have recently re-tubed two locomotive radiator that have the traditional withnell tube and rubber ferrules type radiator core fitted. We also used the same skills on an old London double decker bus radiator that had been sent to us.

All our products are thoroughly quality tested

All items that pass through our workshop are flow tested and pressure test by either air under water or hydraulic pump.

An engineers report is available for insurance purposes etc. for a modest administration fee charge.

Coolex heat exchange and car radiator experts

How we work with you

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Trusted Services

We offer a full engineers test and a written report for presentation to manufacturers, insurance companies, etc for proof of the defect or not as the case may be.

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Efficient process

We offer a 72 hour reconditioning service of all types of water pumps, both vehicle and ancillary applications.

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quality Repairs

Our aluminium fuel tank repairs are renowned in all of the local counties, with the majority of the main truck dealers and small, medium and large commercial vehicle repairers. We have specialist repair systems in place for aluminium radiators and intercoolers.

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