Generator Set Radiator Modine Four Core Unit

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We collected this bolt up GOT radiator from an onshore oil drilling company based in the UK. The rig was being taken to a site in Eastern Europe and needed to be fully stripped cleaned and tested before departure. The radiator that we collected was from the generator that produced the power to drive the drill head. The radiator was manufactured by Modine of American and has four cores fitted between the water tanks in a top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right configuration. There is a manifold between the top two and bottom two cores. The radiator measures about 8′ feet by 8′ feet, that’s about 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres in new money.

The Radiator was first steam cleaned and visually examined before being flow and pressure tested. We completely stripped the radiator tanks, cores and centre baffle plate before cleaning and machining the faces. The cores were chemically cleaned internally and externally. New gaskets were prepared and the unit was reassembled and bolted back together. When completed the radiator was craned into our test tank and air pressure was applied, before submerging the radiator in water. The air pressure was released and reapplied several times to pulse the core and stress it whilst trying to find leaks.

The radiator proved to be sound and was removed from the test tank. A final steam clean to remove any salt etc was carried out and the radiator was dried off ready for painting. any bent copper fins in the core were straightened to ensure full airflow through the radiator. The steel sides were first painted with red lead before the whole radiator was finished in radiator grey. The unit was craned onto our pickup truck and returned to our client for refitting.