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Ford Cortina Ohc, Lotus 7 Aluminium Race Radiator, UK Made

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Ford aluminium radiator with 2 x 90 degree hose connections as used in the Cortina mark 3, Cortina mark 4, Lotus 7, Robin hood and many special and kit car applications. for engines up to
2500 or racing from 2000 cc

The radiator is all aluminium and 30% more efficient than the original copper radiator
the core is 42mm which is 10mm deeper than the original radiator.
this radiator is also available with a 55mm deep core and a 70mm deep core.

The core sizes are:

355mm tall x 435mm wide x 42mm deep

two other sizes of core depth are available at 55mm and 70mm

the maximum radiator sizes are:

510mm tall including cap and drain bung

492mm wide including sides

55mm deep on side brackets and tanks

This radiator is constructed in aircraft grade aluminium with a 42mm core,10mm thicker core than the standard radiator, the tubes have a close 10mm pitch between them and the fin pitch is 16 fins per inch.

The radiator is built in the UK to the highest standards I have attached some close up pictures of the top quality welding on the unit.

The radiator is lightly buffed ready for polishing to a mirror finish and is not silver painted like other lower quality units available.

This radiator is constructed in the classic style with rear mounted brackets, top and bottom hose connections and a filler neck.

Also shown is a radiator constructed without the hose inlets/outlets and filler for you to be able to specify where you would like your fittings on these radiator.they are available in three different core depths, 42mm, 55mm, 70mm.

These radiators are available with a vast list of other options as shown on the attached two demonstration radiator pictures with all of the options attached. the demonstrator radiators show options for a electric fan, automatic fan switch or adjustable fan switch. a whole range of low and high pressure caps, in small or large format, some with safety pressure release levers, to fit to filler necks fitted on the radiator tank, on a rear extension, on remote filler neck fitted into the top hose. the choices are endless but all available to you for your project.



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