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TVR Griffith, Chimera ,Cerbera Uprated Aluminum Radiator

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TVR Griffith, Chimera & Cerbera Aluminum Radiator High Performance – UK Made

If you require the aluminium fan cowls please use the tick box.

This radiator is part of the Coolex premium quality range, fully manufactured in the UK.

Coolex have specially designed the core in this radiator to withstand cold shock and vibration damage as this is known to be a problem in the TVR range. The core design used is only available from Coolex.

This radiator has a highly efficient core giving over a 40% improvement in heat rejection when comparing to the original copper & brass units.

The aluminum radiator is a direct replacement with no alterations required.

Available in black or polished aluminum finish

This radiator is constructed in aircraft grade aluminum, the tubes have a close 10mm pitch between them and the fin pitch is 16 fins per inch.


The radiator is built in the UK to the highest standards.



car cooling for TVR


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